Gallery: Still Life – Landscapes – Interiors



"Still Life – Landscapes – Interiors" – 1946 – 1965

"… but anywhere – depicting a bundle of sun-dried sea-roach, fresh vegetables thrown onto the table, a cozy corner of the room, the narrow streets of old Riga, the walls of Suzdal, the faded lanes of a Central Asian town, the dusky Caspian moorings– the artist manages to find the genuine beauty rather than the fake grandeur, the breath of real life rather than the exoticism and brash special effects…

Flora Syrkina

From the Catalogue of the Artist's One-man Exhibition, 1962

Ostankino - watercolors   Dome Cathedral in Riga   St. Gorge Cathedral in Novgorod   On Volhov River
Two Mackerels   Lilies of the Valley   Potatoes   a dish with frames
on a side table   Oil lamp   Dried fish
On the outskirts   Red House, Latvia   Madras, Tashkent