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"Yefim Ladizhinsky is an artist of brilliant individuality, infinite imagination and temperament. Sharp eye, effervescent humor, fascination with the diversity and beauty of the surrounding universe, and at the same time, nostalgia for the past and comprehension of the tragedy of a life turned upside down all this multitude of moods and emotions were transformed by the artist to his easel series of paintings and drawings."

B.N. Lyubimov, Director General The State A.A. Bakhrushin Central Theatrical Museum, Moscow

(The Museum Collection contains 36 paintings of Y.Ladizhinsky))
Still Life  Landscapes  Interiors   Mother   Portraits   The Red Cavalry
Growing Up In Odessa   Plants   Carcasses
The Lublinskoye Cemetry In Moscow   Eternally Jude   Roots
Light and Shade   Asenyka As Seen By Grandfather Yefim Ladizhinsky   Auto Portraits