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… A now, years later, we still feel the invisible presence of Yefim Ladizhinsky in the contemporary artistic process. Maybe only now, when art and artists of the 20th century, already referred to as the last century, become part of artistic history, we start to comprehend, even if only partially, the actual scope of Yefim Ladizhinsky‘s personality and his creative genius, his place and significance in the context of art as related both to his time and to our days.

… The creative potential of modernism apparently has been exhausted. The artists of the new generation, learning from the experience of their predecessors, are finding their way back to figurative art, professionalism, aesthetic criteria. Yefim Ladizhinsky was the “keeper of the flame", and it is extremely important for this flame not to be extinguished".

From the monograph of the art critic Gregory Ostrovsky "Yefim Ladizhinsky. Life and creative work", 2003


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Fragments from the film “THE CASE OF LADIZHINSKY” broadcasted by the 1st channel Israeli TV program within the framework of the program “A DIFFERENT VIEW”