Gallery: Asenyka As Seen By Grandfather Yefim Ladizhinsky


Asenyka As Seen By Grandfather Yefim Ladizhinsky 1980 year

"It was like an explosion, an eruption, though not of a volcanic fire-splitting despair, but of the purest fountain of a child’s joy, their spontaneity and delight in the face of the multicolored, multidimensional world opening in front of them for the first time. The pretext were the drawings of the artist’s five-years-old granddaughter, charming in their naivety, their sweeping and yet unconscious talent. Touching this world, absorbing the pull of creativity, as in a game, Yefim Benzionovich as if passed though the hearth of a soul stripped from the crust of every day life.

From the monograph of the art critic Gregory Ostrovsky "Yefim Ladizhinsky. Life and Creative Work", 2003

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