Creative Heritage


The inventory of the artist’s creative heritage was compiled in March 1982, a month before he tragically took his own life

WATER-COLORS 1946-1963. Paper, water-colors. Moscow   PAINTINGS 1963-1967. Pasteboard, paper, tempera. Moscow   “KONARMIA” (“RED CAVALRY”) painting. cardboard, tempera. Moscow   “ODESSA OF MY YOUTH”. Canvas, cardboard , tempera. Moscow - Jerusalem
PLANTS. Paper, ink (sometimes pastel). Moscow - Jerusalem   CARCASSES 1975-1981. Paper, ink. Moscow - Jerusalem   - “KONARMIA” drawing. Paper, ink. Jerusalem
“THE LUBLIN CEMETERY IN NOSCOW”. Canvas, tempera. Jerusalem   “ROOTS”. Paper, ink, pastel. Jerusalem   “ETERNAL JEW”. Paper, ink, tempera. Jerusalem
Self-portraits 1970-1981,  Paper, ink, pastel. Moscow - Jerusalem     “ASENKA IN HER GRANDPA’S NARRATION”. Canvas, tempera. Jerusalem   “PASSE-PARTOUT”, “LIGHT AND SHADE”. Canvas, tempera. Jerusalem