1911 Yefim Ladizhinsky born in Odessa , Russian Empire

1924-1931 Attended art studies in the studio of Y. Bershadsky, a graduate of the Petersburg Royal Academy of Fine Arts-; and graduated from the Theatre Faculty of the Odessa Arts Institute, under A. Gaush, V. Muller and G. Frayerman.

1931-1935 First professional work designing scenes for theatrical performances in Krasnodar , Tashkent , Ashkhabad , and Stalingrad .

1936-1958 Worked at the "MOSFILM" studio. A member of the Soviet Artists' Union from 1939. During the Second World War he designed scenery for touring theatrical performances of the Moscow Drama Theatre. In 1942, he performed the first one-man show of scene designs in Borisoglebsk.

The artist participated in the production of two films, "Moryana" and "The Last Night" , and in more than seventy theatrical performances - among them plays by Beaumarchais, Godol, Ostrovsky, Schiller, Sukhovo-Kobilin, Gorky, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Priestley, Lope de Vega, Mayakovsky, Katayev, Marshak, Arbuzov, Rozov and others - staged in Alma-Ata, Saratov, Vilnius, Tula, Bryansk, and Moscow.

1959-1961 Designed two pavilions at the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition, Moscow . He took part in theatre tours throughout Russia . Participated in national, regional and Moscow group exhibitions.

1962 Second one-man show in Moscow, at the Soviet Theatrical Society, showcasing thirty years of creative activity, including theatrical scenery sketches and costumes, landscapes, still life, portraits, prints, monotypes, and etchings.

1963-1964 Theatre work: Moscow TAGANKA Dramatic Theatre, and a branch of the Moscow MALY Theatre.

1965-1968 Creating series "I. Babel The Red Cavalry" and "Mamma" . Beginning of work on series - "Growing in Odessa " .

1967 Participation in the biennial art exhibition in Sao Paulo , Brazil .

1969 Third one-man exhibition, at the Artists' House in Moscow .

1969-1978 Work on series - "Growing in Odessa " , "Carcasses" , "Plants" and "Self-Portraits" .

1975 "The Town of My Childhood" album published by "The Soviet Artist" Publishing House.

1978  Emigration from Soviet Union to Israel . The tragic destruction of about 2,000 paintings which could not be taken out of Russia without the payment of a huge customs tax. Repatriation of about 600 paintings permitted to be taken out of the country after "selection".

1978-1979 Continuation of work on the two series - "Growing in Odessa " and "Plants" . Start of the graphical section of the series "The Eternal Jew" .

1979-1980 One-man show in the Israeli Museum , Jerusalem ; and one-man show in the New Gallery of Haifa University.

1980-1982 Work on series - "The Lyublin Cemetery in Moscow" , "The Eternal Jew" , "Roots" , "Asenyka as seen by the Artist, her Grandfather Yefim Ladizhinsky" , "Light and Shade" , and "Self-Portraits" .

1982 One-man show in the Jerusalem Artists' House.

1982 Tragic death of the artist.